Telephone Maintenance Services Provided in Derby, KS

A phone that received telephone maintenance services in Derby, KS
  • Free technical support: Call us whenever you have a question regarding your system products, feature, or functions. Our technicians can answer your questions.
  • On-line service: 24-hours-a-day you can log onto our website to create and track work orders.
  • On-site service: If trouble cannot be resolved over the telephone, we will arrange for on-site repair.
  • Parts and labor: You receive an unlimited number of repair calls. Plus, we will repair or replace any covered equipment at no charge.
  • Customer touch check-in: Your satisfaction is our top priority. That is why we’ll check in with you periodically to make sure you are satisfied with your system and services.
  • Computer generated templates: No more handmade, messy templates. We will print complementary templates for your phones.
  • Yearly system training: We can provide general training for employees and system programming training for your system administrator.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"CTA has been so good to us! Our equipment runs smoothly but when questions arise CTA is always there with promptness and efficiency. CTA is super friendly and we really believe they truly care about their customers. Employees like Dennis and Danielle make learning pleasurable and make it easy to ask questions. Out of all of our vendors, CTA is definitely at the top for quality and friendliness. Thank you CTA!"
— Christina H. Vantage Point Properties
"CTA is our preferred service provider for all infrastructure projects. They have a sharp team of people who are highly professional and focused on providing exceptional service. They custom design each solution based on customer-specific needs and have been instrumental in helping us improve our operations."
— Nick M., IT Manager Wescon